Need a New Job? Candide Thovex is Recruiting for His Next Project…

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Candide Thovex shared an intriguing post on his social channels yesterday, asking for French speakers to apply for jobs at his new project.

We are looking for a person who loves winter sports and makes the quality of relationship with customers a priority

The positions, which will be based in La Clusaz Haute-Savoie, France, include salespeople, bar manager, bar workers, and chefs/kitchen staff. The roles include (thanks to Google translate):


  • excellent home of each customer advice on textile products and skis
  • holding the store fund
  • you are responsible for the good practice of the store: cleanliness, product development, general operation
  • you are daily reporting to the manager of the establishment
  • we are looking for a person who loves winter sports and makes the quality of relationship with customers a priority

Bar Manager:

  • general box a team of barmen/barmaids and participate in the creation of the plannings to ensure the general cleanliness of the establishment and participate in the cleaning tasks to ensure the room and bar service
  • manage cashing
  • participate in the development of the beverage and snacks card daily
  • report to the manager general
  • assign the specific tasks to the team (storage, cleaning, table plan) accurate management of beverage stocks and products required for cocktails ensure the right bar market and customer satisfaction

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Bar Workers:

Continuously ensure customer satisfaction monitor compliance with establishment codes advise customers and encourage consumption. Your responsibilities:

  • produce a quality service that guarantees the satisfaction of our customers guaranteeing the cleanliness of all places where the client is likely to pass
  • controlling the supply of consoles and offices, the state of households and sales supports
  • prepare, verify and receive customer invoices you are responsible for service equipment
  • you will have a known knowledge of the products we are serving, as well to advise customers as to prepare the different beverages
  • we rely on exemplary behavior at the location of our customer’s support will be provided to you


  • help creating menus
  • responsible for the good maintenance of the kitchen (cleaning the positions, refrigeration, soil, …)
  • participation in the choice of the service providers order management in connection with the manager of the establishment cooperation in the good operation of the kitchen (efficient management of stocks and equipment, product quality)
  • presentation of dishes in accordance with the high positioning of the establishment
  • respect strict and rigorous health rules, hygiene and safety in force

We are looking for a collaborator who will be evidence of originality and who will be a force of proposal.

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