Candide Thovex Releases New Outerwear Company: Candide Collection

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Candide Collection. Photo: Candide Colletion

Candide Thovex, a legend who needs no further introduction, just dropped a new outerwear, accessory, and goggle company. Candide Collection was casually announced on his Instagram last week. The legendary skier has not had an outerwear sponsor since he left Quiksilver a few years ago, so he started his own company.

candide collection
The Women’s C1 Jacket 3L. Photo: Candide Collection

The new company has both men’s and women’s outerwear. The outerwear and accessories are simple and stylish. The website is broken down by color scheme rather than the type of clothing. This makes it easy to design your kit based on the provided colors. Candide helped design each piece of clothing with simplicity and sustainability in mind.

CANDIDE is a technical outerwear, apparel and accessory brand that redefines the rules. Brainchild of Candide Thovex – one of freeskiing’s most creative, uncompromising and unconventional individuals – the collections are sustainably crafted by passionate professionals who bring Candide’s unique vision for timeless style, optimal function, and high-level performance to life.

CANDIDE aspires to create products that empower riders, embodying feelings of exhilaration, liberty and inspiring creativity without limitation. CANDIDE is available globally online and at the CANDIDE STORE in La Clusaz, France.

candide collection
The Men’s C1 Pants. Photo: Candide Collection

Candide Collection is produced ethically, with quality, and durability in mind. The company uses organic, recycled, and reused fabrics to align with its sustainability principles. Some of the materials used are Bio Pet Polyesters, Primaloft Insulation, Polartech Synthetic Fleece, Global Merino Wool, and Organic Cotton & Recycled Polyester.

candide collection
The C1 Vision – S Goggles. Photo: Candide Collection

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