Confirmed Sighting of Ullr, Dog Missing Since Marble, CO, Avalanche in March

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Ullr as puppy. Ullr has been missing since March, when Jake and Ullr were caught in an avalanche at Chair Mountain, CO. | Picture: Jacob Dalbey Instagram

Many of our SnowBrains readers have been asking for an update on Ullr, the dog that went missing following an avalanche that swept away three friends who were touring backcountry near Chair Mountain in the Marble area of Gunnison County, CO in March this year. Ullr’s owner, Jake Dalbey of Carbondale, CO, and one of his friends survived the avalanche with several injuries, while their friend Joel Shute lost his life.

Ullr had accompanied Jake on many excursions but when the avalanche swept Jake away, he could not grab his dog and he has not seen since. However, rescue crews and other people had sighted foot prints leaving the slide area immediately after the incident. Encouraged by the foot print sightings, Jake’s friend Deborah Wieker had created a crowdfunding campaign, to help finance a scent tracker, who confirmed that Ullr was still alive. The GoFundMe initiative has raised almost $30,000 to-date.

There were two credible sightings of Ullr last week and the scent dog was sent out again on July 7, 2023, and confirmed, that it was indeed Ullr. Feed and scent stations have been put up, that are equipped with cameras near these two reported sightings, in hope to capture the lost canine.

We are hoping that Jake and Ullr can be reunited after all this time and SnowBrains will be certain to cover any news as they break.

Come home, Ullr! | Picture: Jacob Dalbey Instagram

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