Consumers Are Smoking Record Levels of Marijuana During the Lockdown

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Marijuana use is up during the lockdown. Credit: Ahmed Zayan | Unsplash

With nothing much to do and more time on their hands’ consumers are smoking record-levels of marijuana according to two separate studies in the United States.

A survey in March of 2,500 consumers found that a third had tried cannabis at some point in their lives, a record high, and 12.8% of respondents said they’d smoked weed in March, above the 12.5% 2019 average.

Cannabis analytics firm Headset Inc noted that sales peaked in March as consumers stocked up in anticipation of store closures, with sales growth peaking at 64% mid-March and approaching the volume usually seen on 4/20.

Another survey by Goldenseed, a California cannabis company, polled 1,277 Americans and found that ~40% of marijuana users admitted to smoking more during the lockdown, and more than a third were worried about their stash running out. To combat this though, 22% reported having stockpiled product. Many cities and states have deemed marijuana an ‘essential good’, allowing dispensaries to remain open alongside grocery stores.

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Marijuana dispensaries saw March sales similar to 4/20

The survey also found that the percentage of cannabis consumers working full time in March fell by 290 basis points to 42.4% from the previous month, a bigger decline than the general population. Users also tended to be less comfortable with their financial situation.

So, why are people smoking more? Is it purely boredom and the fact that they don’t have to go to work? Stress and anxiety relief is the biggest reason given, with a massive 73.7% listing relieving anxious and stressful symptoms as the reason for smoking more. 37% reported using more marijuana just to combat boredom, and 28.1% say using marijuana has helped maintain social bonds at this time, reports The Fresh Toast.

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