Crystal Mountain, WA is OPEN Today for Skiing & Riding with 22” of New Snow

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all photos are from Crystal Mountain yesterday, September 30th, 2013.

Crystal Mountain ski resort in Washington State will be open today, October 1st, for one day.  Crystal has received 22” of new snow as of yesterday afternoon and it did nothing but snow overnight (huge storm finishing up in WA today).  The forecast for today is for up to 5 more inches during the day.  Temperatures are cold and snow is expected today down to the base.


Only the gondola will be open today and only 75 skiers and riders, who’d commented on Crystal’s Facebook page, will be sold $15 lift tickets today.  They’ll get to ride from 10am – 1pm and they’re gonna have a an absolute blast.  We can all be comfortably jealous.


Crystal Mountain Press Release 9/30/2013:

The Government might be shutting down, but we are opening up! Released in a press conference at the White Room earlier today, President John Kircher announced that the 2013 Ski & Snowboard Season starts and ends tomorrow. “It’s about giving the people what they want,” said Mr. Kircher. There’s up to 22” of snow in places and we can’t let a good thing go to waste. The gondola will run from 10am-1pm for the lucky 75 who were glued to Facebook tonight!


Consider this to be lift-assisted early season backcountry skiing with very early-season conditions. Once you’ve made your sweet glory turns in Green Valley or elsewhere, you’ll have to either hike or skin back to the top in order to download (no other lifts will be running), or hike down to the bottom. Bring a backpack and plan for an adventurous day!

The cost is $15, bragging rights included. We’re not going to tell you what kind of equipment to bring as it should be obvious. This is Rocktoberfest. Ski with the weeds and early-season rockstars!


No services will be available so pack a lunch and bring water. There will be no caution signs, ropes or avalanche control so ski and ride at your own risk.


– You will have access to restrooms only. – This offer is limited to the first 75 people who commented on the Facebook contest. – You will not be allowed on the gondola without a ticket. – Season passes are not valid.



Crystal mountain forecast issued on October 1st ,2013
Crystal mountain forecast issued on October 1st ,2013

Today is gonna be a fun day at Crystal Mountain, Washington.  It’s pretty incredible that this ski resort is doing this.  These guys ‘get it.’


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