Friday Fun: Dan Osman Speed-Free-Solo’s Lover’s Leap, CA in 4 Mins 25 Secs…

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The legendary Dan Osman free climbing Lover’s Leap via the Bear’s Reach route (5.7, 400+ feet) in 4 min 25 sec.  Osman tragically died in 1998 at the age of 35 after his rope failed while performing a “controlled free-fall” jump in Yosemite National Park.

This clip was originally featured in the movie Masters of Stone IV, released in 1997.


Daniel Eugene Osman (February 11, 1963 – November 23, 1998)[1] was a Japanese-American extreme sport practitioner, known for the dangerous sports of free-soloing, rock climbing without ropes or other safety gear. He also participated in rope free-flying or rope jumping, falling several hundred feet from a cliff then being caught by a safety rope, for which his record was over 1,000 feet (300 m). He was known for living a bohemian lifestyle, working as a part-time carpenter and living inLake Tahoe, California. He was the subject of several rock climbing videos, which brought free-soloing to a wider audience. Dan had one daughter, Emma Osman.  – wikipedia

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One thought on “Friday Fun: Dan Osman Speed-Free-Solo’s Lover’s Leap, CA in 4 Mins 25 Secs…

  1. And was one of the nicest most genuine persons i ever met @ the leap as a n00b climber in 1988.
    Every weekend i seemed to be there leading easy climbs on east wall he’d be guiding. He would be so encouraging and stoked to me, a total bumblee at the time. I’ll never forget that summer at the leap cause of Dan’s awesome vibe.

    Years later after i became a better climber and would see him at cave rock he still was super encouraging and a master to watch on the rock. I was so lucky to have known him and grateful to this day for his positive influence on climbing
    He is sorely missed. Every year I still climb a few times at eagle lake cliffs and see the eagle soaring overhead and know its Dano’s spirit.

    Rock on Dano see you again.

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