Direct Weather Releases Full 2022-23 Winter Forecast

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Who doesn’t like to think about winter and snow when it’s 100ºF outside? 

Direct Weather has just released its winter prediction for the 2022-23 season. In the video precipitation and temperature predictions are discussed along with polar vortexes, arctic fronts, and overall snowfall along with regions that may be drier and warmer than the historical normal.

Note: this is only a prediction. Mother Nature has a tendency to throw everyone for a loop from time to time, so take this with a grain of salt. But with “typical snow” and “cold and snowy” forecast for much of the west this winter, we still can’t help but get our hopes up.

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2 thoughts on “Direct Weather Releases Full 2022-23 Winter Forecast

  1. This guy apparently knows NOTHING about whether first off if it’s going to be cold in the north central states then the NORTHERN JET STREAM WILL BRING THE COLD AIR EAST!! SECOND the southern JET is most responsible for not Easters they end up off the southern east coast and ride up the coast.. this imbicile contradicts himself repeatedly!!BOZO!!

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