Federal Appeals Court Backs Ban on Snowboarding at Alta, UT Today:

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image: opensnow.com

A federal appeals court backed Alta ski area, UT’s ban on snowboarders today.  The court said that Alta has a right to exclude snowboarders and only allow skiers to use the ski area.

The ruling came from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals today.  The court dismissed a lawsuit filed by a group of snowboarders who want Alta to change its policies to allow snowboarders.

The snowboarders have been arguing for years that it is discriminatory to exclude snowboarders at Alta.

2,200 snowboard free acres.
2,200 snowboard free acres.

A federal judge in Utah also threw out the snowboarders’ case in 2014.  That judge stated that snowboarders don’t have a constitutional right to snowboard.

“To put it simply, Plaintiffs’ case fails because there is no law to support it.  The Equal Protection Clause is not a general fairness law that allows everyone who feels discriminated against to bring an action in federal court.” – federal judge back in 2014 on Alta’s snowboarding ban

The US Forest Service also backs Alta on this issue.

Alta claims that it discriminates against equipment, not people.

Deer Valley, UT and Mad River Glen are the only other US ski resorts that ban snowboarding.

No snowboarding
No snowboarding


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15 thoughts on “Federal Appeals Court Backs Ban on Snowboarding at Alta, UT Today:

  1. Shane mcConkey had more to do with ski shape and rocker design than any snowboard company on major ski design changes , the pontoon was based on a water ski not snowboards . He was doing things that changed the way people ski and snowboard long before snowboarders could claim influence on the ski industry . He saved the ski industry .

    1. DOH! PowSkier!
      So in 1986 when Shane was 16 years old. Tom Sims and Terry Kidwell were designing snowboards with rocker, much like those waterskis Shane used. Sure Shane was monumental in getting the ski industry to try it, but he wasn’t the first. But I’ll give you the tip & tail skis first created by Olin, the Olin Mark IV Comp were first. But the ski industry took nearly 3 decades to catch on to upturned tips & tails.

      Snowboarding’s rise brought new life to the ski industry that was stuck in the 80’s. You can make up as many excuses as you want, ask any long time skiing insider. Don’t you just love those pretty graphics that your skis have on them now?


  2. The only thing fat skis did was make skiing easier , it takes skill and experience to ski a place like Alta .
    Snowboarding did not make skiing more popular . Alta doesn’t have a single park or half pipe . Proof that snowboarding has no influence on ski resorts trying to increase revenue . Learn how to ski and you can ski at one of the best true ski resorts in America .

    1. Powderskier, you might want to read this:
      https://www.skiinghistory.org/history/evolution-ski-shape it pretty much sums up that the designers of several ski companies saw snowboard shapes and address them to skis. Sidecut, width & lenght

      Where did Homer say snowboarding made skiing more popular?

      So, Alta doesn’t have a park? OK. Thousands of untrue ski areas worldwide have parks, I feel bad for them.

  3. Edjamacate yourselves. Snowboarding changed everything about today’s skiing. From ski shapes and lengths, to clothing and tricks. I mean you fools name your tricks after skateboarding and snowboarding tricks, what’s the deal with that? You’d still be skiing 215’s tooth picks if snowboarding hadn’t shown you how easy it was to “RIDE” powder on a fat board. Parks, Half-pipes and rails! Yeah, you skiers were all over those before snowboarding came along.

    I’ve got respect for the early pioneers of skiing, without them I wouldn’t be riding chairlifts as “Ski Areas”. But this us vs them BS is getting a little old.
    You can keep your elitist bullshit ski areas. Nobody gives 2 shits about Mad River Glen anyhow.

    1. So, now I know who to blame for all the park crap scattered about, all but unused, wasting money and resources.
      Thanks 🙂

      1. So I assume you must still be riding some old straight 210s since you obviously aren’t down for the effects of progression. It must suck getting to the slopes in that horse drawn carriage.

  4. yeahhhhh, snowboarders are hoodlums! yeahhhhhhHH!!!!! what with their baggy saggin’ pants n’ such…

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