First eFoil Charging Network in Tahoe Opens at Homewood, CA Marina

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Homewood Marina partners with the Tahoe Fund and Superior Boat Repair & Sales to expand zero-emission watersports on Lake Tahoe with eFoil charging. | Photo courtesy of Tahoe Fund
HOMEWOOD, Calif. (Aug. 2, 2021)Environmental stewardship is at the heart of Homewood Resort Marina’s operations, with the Marina and its management company JMA Ventures, LLC continuing their commitment to leading the transition to zero-emission watersports at Lake Tahoe. In partnership with the Tahoe Fund and Superior Boat Repair & Sales, the Homewood Marina announced today that it has installed the first eFoil charging network at Lake Tahoe. The charging stations are now available for public use.
“Expanding our footprint in electric watersports is a priority of our company because it aligns with our commitment to finding innovative ways to help protect Lake Tahoe for current and future generations,” said Kevin Mitchell, Homewood Resort general manager. “The popularity of eFoiling on Lake Tahoe continues to grow, and we’re thrilled to offer the ability to quickly recharge them at the Marina. In fact, eFoil users can make an experience of it and enjoy a great lunch at West Shore Cafe while they wait for their foil to charge.”
Free to use for eFoil owners, the chargers will be able to fully recharge an eFoil in one to three hours. The chargers build on the Homewood Marina’s electric watersports charging infrastructure, with the Marina recently becoming the first on Lake Tahoe to install Electric Boat (EB) charging stations.
Homewood Marina. | Photo courtesy of Tahoe Fund.
“We’re thrilled to support Homewood Marina’s efforts to continue to expand its electric watersports charging capabilities,” said Amy Berry, Tahoe Fund CEO. “Innovative, forward-thinking initiatives like this aid in the effort to preserve Lake Tahoe’s famed water clarity while continuing to give people fun ways to experience the lake.”
Superior Boat Repair & Sales, located at the Homewood Marina has Lift eFoil boards available for sale. The original electric hydrofoil surfboard and the world’s smallest personal watercraft, Lift eFoil boards make it possible to fly over water with no wind or waves.
“We are excited to add to our electric watersports charging program,” said David Topol, Homewood Marina director. “This program began with on-water electric boat charging for the Nautique GS22E and we are happy to add to it with the Lift eFoil charging stations. The growth and interest of the technology over the last few years has been significant and we look forward to seeing offerings expand in Lake Tahoe.”
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Homewood Marina. | Photo courtesy of Tahoe Fund

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