Friday Fun: Opening a Beer with a Helicopter

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This week, Chinese helicopter pilots participated in a 3-day tournament to show off their skills and see who’s “the best of the best.”  The final competition involved strapping a bottle opener to the helicopter’s skid and having these pilots open a beer.  You have to open the beer without damaging the bottle.

This is an annual competition that tests pilots’ skills in 6 different events.  This final event, the beer opener event, challenges pilots to open 5 bottles within 8 minutes.  The best pilots opened 4 bottles.  No one got 5.

open beer with helicopter
openING beer with helicopter?  Yep.

The pilot in this video nails the move, but ends up breaking the lip of the bottle resulting in a disqualification.

As a skier or snowboarder, you gotta love this.  Now, helicopters are key to your two favorite activities:  sliding on snow & drinking beer.


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