Garbanzo DH Photos & Results | 2013 Whistler Crankworx Coverage

Eric Behn | CycleCycle

Photos by Chris Pilling | Words by Eric Behn

Garbanzo Downhill took place Tuesday, just 48 hours after the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Downhill round in Quebec. Racers rode from the top of the Garbanzo lift, down through various trails in a top to bottom marathon of racing. Top times were in the mid twelve minutes as riders pushed harder than ever.

Though a number of World Cup racers decided to stand on the sidelines for the race, a few such as Danny Hart and Sam Blenkinsop came out to race one of the worlds longest downhill races. It was Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas who took the win however with a time of 12:28.24,  a personal best for the Columbian. Blenkinsop took second only +7.43 off the pace while Canadian and B.C. local Remi Gauvin took third at +20.47.

On the ladies side it was Emmeline Ragot, fresh off a win at Mont Sainte Anne, took top spot with a  time of 14:19.83 beating the current record by nine seconds. Two Canadians took second and third with Claire Buchar at +19.84 and Casey Brown at +43.45.

Wednesday is the Air Downhill at Crankworx and will bring out a stacked field of well rested World Cup riders. You can watch it live at

With scarce rain in the past month trails were dry and dusty.                                                  Chris Pilling Photo
Steep, rocky, and fast is the name of the Garbanzo game.                                                      Chris Pilling Photo
The crowd filled the village at the finish line.                                                                              Chris Pilling Photo
There was no time to check out the beautiful Whistler view.                                                   Chris PIlling Photo
The trail dipped in and out of the trees providing for a variety of trail conditions.               Chris Pilling Photo
Line choice is key when every mistake or wrong line can cost you, and they add up.      Chris Pilling Photo
The final jump was hefty, a nice long air to finish it off.                                                            Chris Pilling Photo
Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas meets with reporters after taking the win.                                  Chris Pilling Photo

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