Giant Dual Slalom Photos and Results | 2013 Whistler Crankworx Coverage

Eric Behn | CycleCycle

Photos by Chris Piling | Words by Eric Behn

The Giant Dual Slalom took place Friday in Whistler under a wet steady rainfall, but the water didn’t keep the racers away making for an even more interesting event. Like the Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge, the dual slalom event brings together riders of various disciplines and abilities from slopestyle riders to downhill racers to those who compete solely in dual slalom. The beauty of Crankworx is the coming together of mountain biking’s best no matter their preferred event.

While the rain pelted down, riders took their runs and duelled it for the top spot. Mud lined the berms making for an even more challenging course.

At the end of the day, the top men were:

1st:  Graeme Mudd
2nd: Connor Fearon
3rd:  Ryan Hunt
4th:  Fab Cousinie

On the womens end the top four were:

1st:  Jill Kintner
2nd: Caroline Buchanan
3rd:  Anneke Beerten
4th:  Katy Curd

Fans came out despite the rain to enjoy the competition.                                                        Chris Pilling Photo
Seeing doubles. Danny Hart and Andrew Neethling.                                                              Chris Pilling Photo
Dual slalom winner Greame Mudd battles Harry Armstrong.                                                  Chris Pilling Photo
Connor Fearon braved the rain and took second place.                                                         Chris Pilling Photo
Mr. Mudd with an aptly fitting name takes the win.                                                                    Chris Pilling Photo
Jill Kintner, the 2013 Queen of Crankworx, takes the win.                                                       Chris Pilling Photo

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