Grand Targhee Conditions: The End of the World

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Grand Targhee conditions
Targhee never disappoints. Credit: Cy Whitling

Sometimes, when the world is ending, you just have to make the best of it. 

Grand Targhee conditions
The initial drop-in proved to be a good call.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been shut down for days because of a power outage. Right now almost all roads out of Jackson are closed. It’s raining in Teton Valley.

Grand Targhee conditions
Cy getting a little styley.

But yesterday I snuck up to Grand Targhee after work. My expectations were pretty low, because heavy winds and high moisture have been crushing the region.

Grand Targhee conditions
Das Boat was admittedly a bit haggard.

I was happily surprised to find really soft, protected snow in unexpected places. The sticky, high density snow has glued itself to rocks and logs, so the skiing is fast and sendy right now.

Grand Targhee conditions
Cy discovered the landings were soft.

Apparently a lot of people who were hoping to ski JHMR have made their way over to Targhee. But no one seems to be going off groomers because the conditions are weird, and the visibility is trademark Foghee. So you just have to work a little to find the goods.

Grand Targhee conditions
Goods: found

Ghee weather
The world is still kind of ending…

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