Grand Targhee WY, Conditions Report: Spreadin’ It On!

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Say it with us: YEEHAW! Photo: Courtesy of Grand Targhee Resort

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The Teton Mountains seem to have made a New Year’s resolution to court Ol’ Man Winter more often. 

Several stretches of rhythmic snowfalls have followed the holiday, adding a healthy layer of crystal-cream powder to the flanks of Fred’s, Mary’s, and Peaked Mountains. Overnight weather systems have brought precip-laden clouds against the mountainsides and made for great morning skiing.

Weighing the options above chairlift, Blackfoot. Photo: P.M. Fadden

Wind-transported powder snow has collected especially among the groves of snow-coated trees along Blackfoot. The same came be said for the sheltered gullies that Cris-cross the Targhee ski area at large. And the repeated fronts have ripened the resort’s steeper faces and cannonball cliff runs.

Tuckin’ and runnin’ off the flank of Dreamweaver. Photo: P.M. Fadden

Quick dashes to Toilet Bowl (insert joke here) were rewarded with discovery of fresh powdered sugar atop a well-set base layer. The combo nicely coated that otherwise rocky section and made the point-it-to-exit treelines all the more enjoyable.

Rock-up, rip it, relax; repeat. Photo: P.M. Fadden

It’s been a great week of skiing with little to no crowding at Grand Targhee Resort. To say it simply: “the Vibe” is good and gettin’ better ’round here.

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