Grand Targhee, WY Report: Freaky-Fun Freshies

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We can think of worse ways to start a day. image: Powder Day Photography

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Report from Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Masks can’t hide the wide smiles at Targhee.

A delightful 11″ stacked up overnight Thursday through daytime Friday, and a handful of more recent fresh inches have been daubed on top of that. Joe Calder, Director of Patrol at GTR may have put it best when he said:

“Well, what a pleasant surprise of a day.”

A promising vista from 6th chair. image: P.M.Fadden

What had been conservatively forecast as a few welcome inches of accumulation quickly escalated to nearly a foot of mid-density powder snow. Naturally, depth varied some between the upper or lower portions of the fast-skiing Grand Targhee Resort. But the most important point was to receive a hoot-worthy refresh of very spray-able snow—which was a constant regardless of where was skied.

Outta sight out-wide. image: P.M.Fadden

Blackfoot Chairlift proved a mainline to ‘the goods.’  Anything among the trees at far skier’s right was well worth the prerequisite cat track exit. Wonderful pockets of wind-collected powder stuck close around trunks and bushy boughs and gentle crystal rollers filled the open lanes in-between.

In short, it was as good a morning as any downhill’er could ask for.

One valley local sports a bit of the ‘tang that epitomizes Targhee Vibe. image: P.M.Fadden

Of course, mid-day hours saw a considerable spike in skier numbers yet, surprisingly, family chairlift Shoshone rarely saw (if ever) even a hint of a line. Every manjack and his dog were so focused on the high or wide zones of the resort that there remained healthy portions of fresh snow among the trees of Kids Fun Zone. They might not have been the longest or most steep runs of the day, but un-tracked trees are un-tracked trees.

Good Vibes abide at Grand Targhee. image: P.M.Fadden

The clouds of the Thursday/Friday storm cell are just now beginning to break apart above Grand Targhee, meaning better visibility on snow that’s still got plenty of ‘zip.’ And best of all the forecast calls another round next week.


Snow Numbers:

State of the slops as of Saturday morning. image: GTR


5-Day Outlook. image: GTR

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