Heat Wave Breaks Record Highs Along the West Coast

Jake Rubnitz | | WeatherWeather
High heat all along the west coast this weekend (Photo: Weather Underground)

The west coast has seen record breaking heat this past week, and it looks like that will continue at least through today. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued excessive heat warnings and heat advisories for parts of Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. This past Thursday we saw several record highs in all three states. Medford, Oregon got the hottest at 112 degrees, the Dalles hit 108 degrees, Eugene saw 102 degrees, Olympia, Washington came in at 96 degrees, Seattle was just under that at 94 degrees, and Santa Maria, California was the lowest record setter at 88 degrees.

The Jet stream is keeping cool air above the western U.S.

Today, highs above 100 are expected all across California’s Central Valley. Some minor relief from the heat is expected Saturday and Sunday, but temperatures next week are still expected to be 10-15 degrees above the average. This heat wave is being caused by an area of high pressure sitting off the west coast and pushing the jet stream into northern British Columbia; until this changes expect hot weather. This is also pushing cool air and possibly two cold fronts into the middle and eastern part of the country. It looks like a good time to get out and beat the heat any way you can this week.

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