Skier Who Fell 2,000-Feet Down Colorado 14er Says “My Helmet Saved My Life”

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The skier fell 2,000-vertical-feet from the summit of 14er Wilson Peak, CO. Credit: San Miguel County Sheriff

The 37-year-old backcountry skier who was seriously injured after falling 2,000-vertical-feet in the Wilson Peak area outside Telluride, CO, on Tuesday told San Miguel County Sheriff deputies that “my helmet saved my life.” He also expressed his gratitude to rescuers and all involved in the mission. He was released yesterday afternoon from Montrose Memorial Hospital.

The New Mexico man, and his friend, were skiing the north face of 14,023-foot Wilson Peak from the summit when he fell near the top and could not arrest his fall. He finally came to a stop in the apron, out of sight of his partner.

Deputies with San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office were called around 1 pm. It was determined that Search and Rescue with air resources were needed. The man was safely flown to Telluride airport just after 4 pm, where he was transferred to an awaiting ambulance and taken to the Telluride Medical Center with multiple traumatic injuries believed to be non-life-threatening. His friend was also brought to the airport and was uninjured.

The mission involved a dozen rescuers and took a total of approximately five hours.

Wilson Peak is a 14,023-foot mountain peak located in the Lizard Head Wilderness of the Uncompahgre National Forest in the northwestern San Juan Mountains. It is the highest point in San Miguel County.

Wilson Peak, colorado, Telluride, San Juans,
Wilson Peak, 10-miles southwest of Telluride, CO.

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One thought on “Skier Who Fell 2,000-Feet Down Colorado 14er Says “My Helmet Saved My Life”

  1. When your a teenager you fancy yourself immortal . At 37 you should be a lil more aware of your mortality. If you want a challenge and you think your THAT good join the World Cup SkIers and try the Hahnenkamm Streif. I know…. dont tell me, ” if you dont challenge yourself how will you know”.
    Remember ….whatever you injure in your “youth” will come back to haunt you when your over 60. Ask any injured world Cup skiers who are now older or retired football players with injuries of the body and the head. not that they would not do it all over again cause they probably WOULD. I skied for 30 years and loved it,but at 76, I feel it everyday and I only broke my thumb once. If I could regain my youth I would start even earlier to ski. Its great, but go overboard and you can DIE.

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