A Helmet That Tells You When To Replace It:

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Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS
Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS

POC has just released a helmet that tells you when it’s time to replace it via a green or red light on the helmet.  This POC helmet has a sensor that monitors impacts and deformation of the hlemet liner.

Up until now, it’s been tough to know when a helmet is done.  Impacts and material breakdown are the biggest reasons that one should replace a helmet, but they can be difficult to detect.

POC’s new helmet is called the Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS helmet and is being marketed to ski racers for now, but will likely be a feature on more POC helmets soon.  The Skull Orbic Comp has won awards at the recent SIA and ISPO tradeshows:

– ISPO Gold Winner in the Ski Segment/Helmet Category at ISPO Award in Munich, 

– Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS was awarded one of five coveted “Gear of the Show” awards by Outside Magazine at SIA


POC on the Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS

The Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS helmet introduces the H.I. Sensor that monitors impacts and deformation of the helmet liner. The system allows the user to check the integrity of the helmet by pressing a button on the back. The severity and history of the impacts are calculated and stored in the device. If one or a combination of impacts exceeds the pre-defined level, the helmet is not recommended for use and the light turns red.

The helmet is also equipped with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) to help reduce rotational forces to the brain in the event of a crash. The helmet is the second generation of the award-winning Skull Orbic Comp, which has a patent pending deflector panel with multi-impact EPP and POC’s VPD 2.0 compound in the front that allows gates to be deflected with reduced energy transmission to the head.

We are honored to receive two such prestigious awards for the Skull Orbic Comp H.I MIPS,” says Stefan Ytterborn, POC CEO and founder. “To be recognized for our new ski racing helmet that is based on the Skull Orbic Comp and featuring the H.I sensor, is truly energizing and something we are extremely proud of.”


The Fornix Communication with Beats by Dr. Dre speakers built into the neck roll was awarded Skiing Magazine’s “2014 SIA Hot Gear” in Denver as well.

Both the Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS and Fornix Communication will be available to consumers as part of POC’s 2014/2015 snow product line, during the fall of 2014.

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