We Need YOUR Help to Rate Avalanche Safety Course Providers

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How would you rate the course you did?. PC: Alpenglow Expeditions

Eddy van der Kloot, owner of Lake Tahoe, CA based company Backcountry Ski Maps is planning on writing a series of articles on the state of avalanche courses across the country, as a valuable crowd-sourced resource to anyone planning to take an avy course in the future.

Unlike most products and services, avalanche courses tend not to have reviews online, so he aims to author articles on the course providers with the highest customer satisfaction, and on how courses are generally perceived by students.

But to achieve this, he needs your help! Have you taken an avalanche safety course? If so, please consider taking 5-minutes to complete the anonymous survey below and your data will help to contribute towards a valuable resource for the backcountry scene.

Click HERE to take the survey…

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