VIDEO: The Skis That Came In From The Cold | Discovery of Prehistoric Ski Offers Insight into the History of Skiing

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The history of skiing is filled with unsolved mysteries. It looked like it would never be possible to find the answers.

history of skiing, history,
The discovery of an old ski gives us insight into the history of our sport. Credit: secretsoftheice

However, with the on-going retreat of high mountain ice, sensational prehistoric skis are melting out from their ice-cold graves. In a new scientific paper, we present these new ski finds in detail. They cast new light on the earliest history of skiing.

history of skiing, history,
Close up of the intact ski revealed when snowpack melted away. Credit: secretsoftheice

Super interesting and fascinating insight into the history of sliding down mountains on planks of wood, definitely check out ‘Secrets of the Ice‘.

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