2015 = Hottest Year on Record So Far for CA, OR, WA, NV

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NOAA has been keeping temperature and precipitation record since 1895 – for 121 years.  In that 121 years of record keeping, 2015 is the hottest year on record thus far for California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

It was a hot winter on the West Coast and summer isn’t looking to be cool.  Above average temperatures and triple digit heat has been the norm on the West Coast, even up into Canada this summer so far.

Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana have also been exceptionally hot so far in 2015.  All of these states have had top 5 hottest temperatures on record for 2015.



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One thought on “2015 = Hottest Year on Record So Far for CA, OR, WA, NV

  1. Man it has been a hot one here in the PNW, been here for most my life never has it been this warm for the summer. Rain? Haven’t seen rain in months. Forgot what rain feels like. The PNW is the new Cali

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