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Ever wonder how big the Pacific Ocean is?  Or perhaps the Atlantic?  Or, did you ever consider the fact that it’s really one big ocean, which have divided into 5 primary basins?  The TED Talk above explains that the ocean is not just big, it’s really, really BIG.

how big is the ocean compared to land

Oceanic Facts

  • Area of over 360 million square kilometers
  • Contains 1.3 billion cubic meters of water
  • Holds 97% of earths total water content
  • Makes up 99% of earths biosphere (the place where things live)
  • Harbors the true tallest mountain, Mauna Kea, at 10000 meters in height
  • 50% of the worlds population lives within 100km of the coastline
how big is the ocean
While we divide it into 5 oceans, it’s really one giant body of water

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