How Dangerous is it to Leave Snow On Top of Your Car?

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Snow on top of your car is bad
Wipe the snow off the top of your vehicle to avoid a citation and a potential hazard for other drivers. Credit: CHP

Is it dangerous to leave snow on the top of your your car? The answer is YES! Snow and ice are very heavy and when it falls off a vehicle, it can become airborne. Ice and snow can hit oncoming cars and easily shatter windshields, injuring people inside. If California Highway Patrol (CHP) finds a vehicle with excess ice and snow on it, the driver can be cited for the hazard. Be safe out there and avoid getting a ticket!

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One thought on “How Dangerous is it to Leave Snow On Top of Your Car?

  1. Truckee police don’t seem too interested in enforcing this law , just drive around Truckee a few days after a big storm. Makes sense to pull over these drivers before they get on interstate 80 .
    But Truckee police really don’t have any interest in enforcement of Traffic laws .

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