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The Ikon Pass gives you access to 41 resorts across the globe for year-round riding. Image: Ikon Pass

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The multi-mountain pass concept has been around for quite a while, though it was historically targeted to a certain geographic area. Tahoe, Colorado, Utah have all had their share of some version of a multi-mountain pass for locals or those who plan on spending their time in those areas.  When Vail resorts introduced the “Epic’ branded pass to the market in 2008 it established the multi-resort pass as the new standard in the industry.  Later to the game, but not be left in the dust, the “Ikon” Pass came bursting on the scene in the 2018/19 season.  Driven by the Alterra Mountain Company resorts and select partner resorts, the Ikon Pass promised a “gateway to a like-minded community, enduring memories, and the most iconic destinations in North America.”

While both passes bring an incredible winter (and summer) value to the masses, the Ikon Pass has also delivered on the promise of a community by actively recruiting and promoting Facebook groups, including the Ikon-approved Ikon Pass Holders Group, boasting over 12,500 members.  If you have an Ikon Pass this is THE place to start to connect with your fellow Ikoners for travel advice, equipment recommendations, riding buddies, travel partners, and more.  The group is active almost 24/7 with question posts, condition report posts, travel advisory posts, and general ‘share the stoke’ posts.

Ikon Pass Holders Facebook Group
The Ikon Pass Holders Facebook Group is the place to be for pass holders. Image: Ikon Pass Holders Facebook Page

Members of the Ikon Pass Holder Facebook group span the country and cover nearly all demographic groups. While not really a ‘competitive’ group, you can witness how the Ikon Passholder Group is transforming lives and contagiously pushing the group members to adopt the all-in skier/rider lifestyle they are seeing explode across the membership group.  Let’s call it Inspirational.  The newly released Ikon mobile app allows users to access pass benefits, get snow and trail reports as well as track their stats to see who can get the most vertical. Best of all the community is alive and you see first hand how others are taking advantage of all Ikon has to offer.

Ikon Pass Welcome Kit
The Ikon Pass Holder welcome package is not just an invitation to ride, it’s an invitation to the community. Image: Jonathan T

I have personally met group members to ski with, hang out with, party with, get rides from, give rides to, or just chat online about a familiar subject.  You’ll find that the main group has also spawned sub-groups such as more local-focused groups or groups focused on Van and RV life at the Ikon resorts.  On the road and hit a snag, help is only a post away as this is a community that cares and comes through when needed.  The idea of fostering a community of like-minded individuals has really taken shape and Ikoners have embraced that mindset.

The Ikon Pass has certainly transformed the way its members approach the season in regards to travel and access to world-class resorts.  The ski club-like experience is a benefit that no other pass brings to the table; members have even stepped up to plan local events for fellow pass holders to meet, network, and devise a plan of attack to tackle as many mountains as possible. If you have an Ikon pass and haven’t joined the community yet, I highly recommend doing so.  If you don’t have an Ikon Pass, today is the last day to purchase one.

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