VIDEO: Ikon Pass Presents: The Office Rail Rally | Are YOU Daydreaming About Winter?

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It’s not winter. But it will be.

Watch the final episode in the hilarious six-part series from Ikon Pass: The Office Rail Rally. Drop-in on adventure. It’s closer than you think.

You’re up Alice. Send it. All day, baby!

The term daydreaming doesn’t even begin to cut it. As the heat of the summer sun seeps into our skin, the Ikon Pass community shares a constant celebration that the next winter snowfall is always on the horizon.

And, sometimes – well – this celebration causes things to get a little bit weird.

Like you, we’re counting down the days until the first flakes fall. Ikon Pass is giving you the fantastic opportunity to win some fabulous prizes by sharing the stoke, and showing how you’re waiting for winter. Share pictures of your daydreaming…

Share the stoke, submit a photo, and show the community how you’re waiting on winter. Use #ItsNotWinter & tag @IkonPass with your post on social media (or upload a photo on this page) for the chance to win a 2-night trip next winter. First Place winner also wins 2 nights at Thredbo in NSW, Australia during the 2020 season for being the most eager winter enthusiast.

For more details, go to the site at Ikon Pass.

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