Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY Pass Holders Will Receive START Bus Pass Benefit

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Free START bus pass. Credit: Jackson Hole Traveler

Amidst the multitude of uncertainties this upcoming ski season, bus passes for Jackson Hole season pass holders no longer remain one of them. As in previous years, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) season pass holders will receive the bus pass benefit. The bus service, known as START, is operated through Teton County and the town of Jackson and provides public transportation for locals who would like to get to the resort.

“We’re pleased. This is the outcome we had desired. This is the outcome we had been planning for.”

– Jackson Hole Mountain Resort President Mary Kate Buckley told JH News&Guide

Despite the fact that 2020/21 JHMR season passes have been on sale since April, there was still uncertainty as to whether or not the bus passes would be an included benefit. This uncertainty was ultimately due to a change in the funding formula which was proposed by START earlier this year. The proposed plan would have JHMR, Teton county and the town of Jackson split the transportation costs 50/50 (half of the cost would fall on JHMR, the other half would come from local government). This ultimately would require JHMR to contribute more to this service than it has in previous years, a proposal the resort didn’t agree with.

Photo credit: Teton Village

The resort and START have since reached an agreement. At an Aug. 17 meeting, the Town Council and the county commissioners upheld START’s proposal, although not unanimously, there was opposition. The commission voted 4-1 in favor, and the council 3-2, also in favor.

Access to public transportation to the ski resort is beneficial for the community, helping reduce in-town traffic, lowering carbon emissions, and improving air quality.

To avoid this issue every year, the resort is hoping a multi-year deal can be arranged in the future.

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The bus routes that service the community of Jackson. Photo credit: Discover Teton Valley

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