Jackson Hole, WY Report: Almost Too Deep To Ski…

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Report from January 27, 2023

Jackson Hole, WY, was almost too deep to ski yesterday.

I thrashed so hard to get there yesterday and I only got 1 run, but it was worth it!

My day was too weird not to share but to keep it from getting boring here are bullet points:

  • Woke up at 6:30am in Park City, UT
  • Drove to SLC and dropped off car at mechanic (differential)
  • Took Uber to SLC airport
  • Rented car
  • Battled Friday morning traffic back to Park City
  • Packed my gear in rental car
  • Drove to Jackson Hole via UT, WY, UT, WY, ID, WY
  • Roads were terrible with wind-drifted snow and my rental car was awful in the snow
  • Made it Jackson Hole at 2:45pm
  • Skied one chest-deep powder run with local legend Owen Leeper
  • Had dinner with old friends 🙂
Jackson Hole, WY. image: snowbrains

The one run I got was salaciously deep…

It truly was almost too deep to ski.

All the snow in this video fell in only 24 hours.

Rough roads. image: snowbrains

The storm total this morning (1/28/23) was 42″ and it snowed more today.


It has been terrific hanging out with old friends in Jackson.

I haven’t been here since February 2022!

Thanks, Wyoming


image: noaa, 1/28/23


image: noaa, 1/28/23


Roadside attractions. image: snowbrains
Wyoming. image: snowbrains
Idaho. image: snowbrains
Axman! image: snowbrains
Amazing Burrata at dinner. image: snowbrains

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5 thoughts on “Jackson Hole, WY Report: Almost Too Deep To Ski…

  1. Try skiing bottomless powder up in the top of the mountains. Rooster tails coming off your ears as you rise up out of the powder. Snorkling required !!! Nothing like bottomless……its like flying !

  2. There is no such thing as too deep snow. You just go faster and you will “float.” Sking in deep snow has occurred for literally centuries.

  3. What a day! Thx for sharing. Where did you get your snow totals by resort numbers? GO BLUE!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, ski resort totals at Jackson Hole which are actually reported by the local avalanche center: jhavalanche.org. Go Blue!

  4. That’s not chest deep. That’s knee deep. Video shows knee deep. Snow report shows knee deep. No need to extremely exaggerate.

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