Jeremy Jones Leaves O’Neill After Almost 20 Years of Support

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Professional big mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones leaves longtime sponsor O’Neill after almost 2 decades. Photo: O’Neill

Filmmaker, founder of Protect Our Winters, and freeride snowboarding legend, Jeremy Jones, has been ripping hard on a board for the past 30 years, and nearly 20 of those years were spent with trusted sponsor, O’Neill. Today, Jones parts ways with O’Neill after almost 2 decades of support from the Californian surf wear, surfboard, and snowboarding brand.

Jones announced in Facebook post today on Thursday, Feb. 6: 

I recently parted ways with Oneill. A huge thank you to everyone at O’Neill for almost two decades of support.
You helped me go #deeperfurtherhigher and kept me warm and dry along the way.

Thanks for supporting my crazy ideas.
Peace, love and pow to all of you. 🙏
Onward, upward and into the unknown I go. 🤘

With or without his longtime sponsor, we know that Jones will still be out there doing what he loves and what we love to watch — ripping the gnar. 

Jones ripping hard. Photo: O’Neill

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4 thoughts on “Jeremy Jones Leaves O’Neill After Almost 20 Years of Support

    1. Haha
      Ya he’s the rad guy the dragged the inexperienced crew up basin peak at high avy danger warning and had a full avy event burial.

      Lucky the guy was recovered quickly and no injury
      Smarten up peeps snowpacks are changin why well mbe climate change…? Huh really?
      Got sum POW tho right??

  1. To all the groms out there pitching sponsors and moving up the ladder… this is the guy to look up to. Class act in every way. He’s moving on in a humble & grateful manner. Beyond the riding, he is an entrepreneur who’s turned passion into an enterprise… notes should be taken boys!

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