Jumbo Pass, B.C. Conditions Report Video | 26” on Oct. 13th

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These guys really wanted it.  It’s a big hike to get up to the snow at Jumbo Pass, B.C. right now and these boys were rewarded handsomely for putting in the effort.  The allure of 65cms (26”) of fresh was just enough to validate the dry forest slog up and down the hill.

Conditions up top looked pretty fun, especially for October 13th.  It’s amazing how many locations in the Western USA have yielded extremely early season snow this year.  NOAA is saying that we have record snow coverage in North America this year and it’s not hard to believe.

We can’t remember a time this early in the season when so many locales were dishing up good skiing and riding this early on.  Feels like a record to us as well.

“6 am on Thanksgiving day, let’s go skiing boys! Hiked/ski toured all the way up to this beauty zone on Bastille Mountain in Jumbo Pass. 65cm’s depth and a hell of a first day of the season.”JagerPow Productions

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