Kilian Jornet Just Won The Hardrock 100 Race In CO With a Dislocated Shoulder

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Spaniard Kilian Jornet, who just summited Mt. Everest in 17 hours in May 2017 without supplemental oxygen, just won the Hardrock 100 race with a dislocated shoulder.

On mile 13 of this race, Kilian fell while descending a snowfield and dislocated his shoulder.  He got up, popped the shoulder back in place himself, and kept running.  He ended up winning the 100.5-mile race.  His time was just over 24 hours.

The Hardrock 100 is one of the toughest races anywhere.  The race involves 66,000-vertical-feet of elevation change in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado on technical terrain, snow, rocks, dirt road, high altitudes, and rough weather.

Kilian has now won this race 4 times.

“I’m very happy to have won, especially because I really didn’t think I could finish today because my shoulder was hurting a lot but in the end I managed to carry on and cross the finish line. That aside, I felt good throughout the race, although it’s been without question really tough. I had to race hard against Mike and Joe but that’s what I like about these races.” – Kilian Jornet, today

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