Lake Oroville, CA Has Risen 20-Feet in Last Week

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Water Reservoir In California
Aerial Shot Of Lake Oroville Reservoir

In the past week, the water levels at Lake Oroville have risen 20 feet, according to the California Department of Water Resource (DWR).

On Oct. 18, the lake was at 628.95 Feet Mean Sea Level (MSL). As of Monday, the lake is at 649.01 Feet MSL.

Most of the increase in the lake’s level was between Saturday and Monday. Just Saturday, the lake was at 631.43 Feet MSL Saturday.

On Oct. 25, 2020, Lake Oroville was at 733.9 Feet MSL, and on the same day in 2019, it was at 789.97 Feet MSL.

Highway 70 in the Feather River Canyon remains closed as crews work to clear several mudslides and flooding.

Map showing location of Lake Oroville, CA.

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