Lake Tahoe Has More Medals Than Great Britain (And 67 Other Countries)

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Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Lake Tahoe 3 0 1 4
Great Britain 1 0 2 3
Australia 0 2 1 3
Latvia 0 1 2 3

That’s right, Lake Tahoe has cranked out more medals than Great Britain, Australia, and Latvia, among others.  Is it because Tahoe holds the fountain of youth?  Or perhaps because we’re the best skiers on the mountain?  Whatever the reason may be, Lake Tahoe has produced some serious contenders and we like to say congratulations to not just the Lake Tahoe medal recipients but all the athletes representing Tahoe over seas in Sochi.

Lake Tahoe Medalists

David Wise – Gold

Maddie Bowman – Gold

Jamie Anderson – Gold

Julia Mancuso – Bronze

Maddie Bowman celebrating her victory
Maddie Bowman and David Wise, Half Pipe Gold Medalists and they call Tahoe home

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17 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Has More Medals Than Great Britain (And 67 Other Countries)

  1. All I hear when reading these comments is bitter people munching on sour grapes. Talk to anybody in the area and they’ll consider Mt Rose as Tahoe, but semantics are semantics. Lake Tahoe represent!

  2. Zoom in close enough, and David Wise’s living room has more medals than 50 countries. Zoom out far enough, and the planet earth has more medals than any other planet in the galaxy. Congratulations from Florida to all ya’ll people somewhere out west on some fantastic, engaging, inspiring sport!

  3. Maybe it’s because Lake Tahoe has SNOW…. AND MOUNTAINS…
    Great Britain doesn’t… and the MONEY differential is huge…

  4. Probably has more money that 67 other counties too. But I’m sure that has nothing to do with it. DAMN I hate how smug Americans are.

  5. Matt, though Reno is not tahoe, it is always trying to market itself as Tho, that is way the airport is called Reno/Tahoe airport. Reno really can’t have it both way can it

  6. And the general Lake Tahoe area has, or until a while ago had, more ski lifts than so-called “Ski Country USA”, aka Summit County, Colorado. And the general Lake Tahoe area had a larger Nordic race calendar than all of Colorado. Etc. etc. etc.

  7. Lake Tahoe and Reno are not the same place. David Wise is not from Lake Tahoe, he is from, and lives in, Reno, Nevada. Sorry, bad info – yes, he skis in Tahoe, but then again, so do San Francisco residents. Also not from Lake Tahoe.

    1. We hear you Matt. Agreed. The fact remains, though, you can’t ski in Reno. He did all his training in Lake Tahoe, California.

      1. Yes, you can ski in Reno?! Mt Rose is in Reno, NV, which is considered part of the Lake Tahoe area ski resorts. And both the lake and Reno piggyback off eachother for a variety of good reasons. A vast majority of Reno residents ski and play all over Tahoe and Tahoe residents enjoy Reno’s airport, events and shopping. That’s why there are a ton of sites called “renotahoe” combined and why there is a We both need each other so why don’t we stop arguing about it and just feel proud of the athletes we (Reno/Tahoe) cranked out?

    2. Seriously Matt ?? Are you a skier dude ? Or were you the guy in high school wearing a sash telling everyone what you think we should do ? I have friends of mine who moved off hill to Minden Gardneville and still ski the Heave or the Wood ( if pass is open ) almost daily. You and your little monitor sash going to tell me they aren’t Tahoe skiers ? Shut-up and SKI Matt !!!

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