First Non-Glacial Ski Resort in the Northern Hemisphere OPENED Last Week for Winter 2018/19

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With all the talk this side of the pond being about Loveland, A-Basin, and now Wolf Creek racing to open first, this resort in Finland got in there and beat them all by a clear week. Their 2018-19 ski season got underway last Friday at Ruka in Lapland, making it the first ski resort in the northern hemisphere that doesn’t have a glacier to open for winter 2018/19.

ruka, open, Finland, lapland,
Spreading last year’s snow for this year’s turns. Credit: Ruka Facebook

Ruka does it by snow farming, a process where they store last winter’s snow in huge piles under insulated covers throughout the summer, and then when fall comes and the temperatures drop, they spread it back out on the slopes, using snowmaking to top it up, until mother natures does her job too. 

The resorts say that the ‘old snow’ is actually good to ski on as, they say, it has lower moisture content.

ruka, open, Finland, lapland,
Ruka, Finland.

Lapland is the largest and most northern region of Finland.

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