Last Day for Cheap 2013/14 Squaw-Alpine Season Passes

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KT-22 in 2011
KT-22 in 2011.  photo: miles clark

Tomorrow is the last day for the cheapest 2013/14 Squaw-Alpine season passes.  After May 30th, prices go up.

This really is one of the best season pass deals at any major ski center.  Especially considering that it used to cost over $900 just for a mid-week pass at Squaw alone.  Not only do these pass prices include Squaw & Alpine, but now they include Sierra-at-Tahoe and discount tickets to Whistler.

The Silver Pass at $540 is likely the best value for your money as there are only 10 black out days the entire season.  

Check out all the pass details here:  Squaw-Alpine season Pass & in the graphic below.

2013/14 Squaw/Alpine passes
2013/14 Squaw/Alpine passes (click to enlarge)

Here’s to a big snow year in 2014.

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5 thoughts on “Last Day for Cheap 2013/14 Squaw-Alpine Season Passes

  1. They will extend it. If not I bet it goes up $30…No way I’m getting sucked into this again. I don’t care if it cost me $100 extra, they are NOT getting my money upfront this year.

  2. Be nice if squaw would do a lock in the price deal like heavenly does where u put down $50 at the end of the season and u get that cheapest pass price. A lot of us who live here can’t afford to drop 500 bucks all at once and end up having to pay more later. But ksl is greedy and doesn’t care about locals its the rich bay area people thay want on the mountain

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