Legendary Pro Skier Posts Photos of Current Skiing in Utah | Is That OK?

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Legendary professional freeskier Pep Fujas just posted images of himself and friends skiing in Utah last week.

Is that ok?

Is it ok to be skiing & riding right now?

It is ok to be posting about skiing & riding right now?

Please read what Pep has to say:

“I feel very hesitant to post these photos from last week because of you know what. We distanced and skied tame lines, but I still feel guilty… should I feel guilty? Is this a non-essential act? Yes… and no. This is my profession. Are there inherent dangers? Yes. Should I be promoting outdoor activity? Yes…As long as it’s done responsibly. Nature indeed nurtures and lifts up the human spirit. The crystal clearness of the non-polluted sky is truly breathtaking, particularly from an alpine vantage. Yes, the mountains will still be here next year when this is all over and the snow will cover them and we will ski. Is it time to hang our skis up? Or, keep on responsibly?”

– Pep Fujas via Instagram, 4/6/20

If you must recreate in the backcountry during the Coronavirus crisis, please follow these guidelines:

image: pep fujas, 4/6/20

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2 thoughts on “Legendary Pro Skier Posts Photos of Current Skiing in Utah | Is That OK?

  1. Is it ok? Absolutely! In fact it is necessary. For many of us that don’t have the opportunity to go out and enjoy the mountain snow, because of where we live or who we are, this offers us the chance to enjoy the adventure through your experiences, to live vicariously through you. And… to stay positive, though our season may have ended early, that sometime again we will be able to pursue the pure white snow and breath in the clean cold mountain air in hopes of dropping in on the perfect run. Don’t stop… I’m “living” through you!

  2. Yes. “done safely” is relative. If an unplanned accident happens when you are in the BC you are now putting first responders at risk. Look at last weeks avalanches in Wyoming as an example. Neither the snowboarder or snowmobiler intended for that to happen but as a result of them being out there, 100’s of first responders were forced into action. IMHO it is selfish for anyone to do anything right now that may require others to be called in.

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