Legendary Ski Movie Producer Warren Miller Passed Away Yesterday at 93

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Warren Mille: r October 15, 1924 – January 24, 2018

“If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.” – Warren Miller

93-year-old Warren Miller passed away at his home in Orcas Island, WA yesterday.

Warren Miller single handedly created the ski movie industry and brought it to millions upon millions.

It’s arguable that no one has ever done more for skiing than Warren Miller did.

Warren filmed, produced, and directed a plethora of ski movies starting back in 1950.

His first ski movie was released in 1950 and was called “Deep and Light”.

Warren’s famous, creamy voice was the narration on all his films from 1950 until 1988.  After 2004, Warren Miller was no longer involved in Warren Miller movies.

“I shot 27 rolls at Squaw Valley that first winter.  That’s all I could afford.  I made a movie out of it and I shopped it around ski clubs in Los Angeles ski clubs to sponsor it.  The 11th ski club agreed to put it on and they agreed to put it on and paid me $200 and that was the start of this whole craziness.” – Warren Miller

video about Warren’s life and his autobiography

Warren created over 750 sports films, a few books, and hundreds of non-fiction stories.

In 1946, Warren had just gotten out the Navy after serving during World War II.  He used what little money he had to buy an 8mm video camera and went to film school at the University of Southern California.  Upon graduating, he talked his buddy Ward Baker into moving to Sun Valley, ID where they began skiing daily and capturing all they could.

That move was the start of 50+ years of continuous ski movies produced by Warren Miller Entertainment.

Warren Miller was one of the very first ski bums in North America, paving the path for those of who have followed.

Warren Miller crushed life, created an industry, did exactly what he wanted to, and made it to 93.  

Thanks, Warren.

“We are saddened to share the news that our beloved Warren passed away peacefully at the age of 93 at his home on Orcas Island, WA. While this is a time of profound loss, we are comforted that Warren’s life touched so many. Warren made the extraordinary seem accessible, and his legacy of freedom, humor, and adventure endures through all of you. Whether you saw his movies, read his books or met him on the slopes, he considered you to be part of his family. Your love meant the world to him. For those who are able, ski your favorite run or do something else you love in Warren’s memory.

As Warren might say: “I’ll see you same time, same place next year, only I’ll be watching from a different mountaintop.”

Warren Miller is survived by his wife Laurie, his two children, and his stepson.

Warren Miller’s autobiography.

Warren Miller Movies:

# Year Title
1 1950 Deep And Light
2 1951 California Skis
3 1952 Wandering Skis
4 1953 Ski Fantasy
5 1954 Symphony On Skis
6 1955 Invitation To Skiing
7 1956 Have Skis, Will Travel
8 1957 Anyone For Skiing?
9 1958 Are Your Skis On Straight?
10 1959 Let’s Go Skiing
11 1960 Swinging Skis
12 1961 Many Moods Of Skiing
13 1962 Around The World On Skis
14 1963 The Sound Of Skiing
15 1964 The Skiers
16 1965 The Big Ski Show
17 1966 Ski On The Wild Side
18 1967 The Ski Scene
19 1968 No Boundaries
20 1969 This Is Skiing
21 1970 Sound Of Winter
22 1971 Any Snow, Any Mountain
23 1972 Winter People
24 1973 Skiing’s Great
25 1974 The Color Of Skiing
26 1975 There Comes A Time
27 1976 Skiing On My Mind
28 1977 In Search Of Skiing
29 1978 Ski A La Carte
30 1979 Winter Fever
31 1980 Ski People
32 1981 Ski In The Sun
33 1982 Snowonder
34 1983 Ski Time
35 1984 Ski Country
36 1985 Steep And Deep
37 1986 Beyond The Edge
38 1987 White Winter Heat
39 1988 Escape To Ski
40 1989 White Magic
41 1990 Extreme Winter
42 1991 Born To Ski
43 1992 Steeper And Deeper
44 1993 Black Diamond Rush
45 1994 Vertical Reality
46 1995 Endless Winter
47 1996 Snowriders
48 1997 Snowriders 2
49 1998 Freeriders
50 1999 Fifty
51 2000 Ride
52 2001 Cold Fusion
53 2002 Storm
54 2003 Journey
55 2004 Impact

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4 thoughts on “Legendary Ski Movie Producer Warren Miller Passed Away Yesterday at 93

  1. I dated a man in the 70’s who promoted Warren Miller in the Pacific Northwest market. I got to know him well. He was a very interesting and caring man who I always enjoyed having dinner and conversations with. RIP to a lovely, talented, funny person.

  2. Warren Miller’s passing is a true legend in the ski industry. Thank you for bringing the fun of skiing to all of us forever!

  3. Started watching his annual ski movies in the 60s in Detroit Ford Auditorium downtown. Unique narration live presentation. Began my craving for powder skiing and big mountains. Met Warren Miller La Las Vegas Ski Show had a conversation with him regarding a product I was selling and the potential to be filmed. It seems he had a full and interesting life. My condolences to family and friends

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