Level One’s 2014 Movie Trailer: “Less”

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Level One just dropped the trailer for their 15th film.  15th.  Feel old, yet?

They did not skip on the humor and the last air is nuts.

 from Level One:

About less:

The 15th annual ski motion picture from Level 1.


Magnus Granér. LSM. Will Berman. Duncan Adams. Sig Tveit. Adam Delorme. Tim McChesney. Wiley Miller. Khai Krepela. Will Wesson. Sandy Boville. Shay Lee. Tanner Rainville. LJ Strenio. Banks Gilberti. Ahmet Dadali. Logan Imlach. Tatum Monod. Superunknown XI and Friends.

Shot on Location in:
Schweitzer, Idaho. Summit at Snoqualmie, Washington. Riksgränsen. Colorado. Wyoming. Whistler, British Columbia. Aspen, Colorado. Ontario. Poland. Switzerland. Sweden. France. Japan. New York. Minnesota. Montana. Massachusetts. Wisconsin. Michigan. Illinois. Vermont.

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