Mammoth, CA Report: 378% of Average Snowpack, 7:30am Groomers, & We Found the Chair 23 “Sunglasses Chihuahua”

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Report from June 30, 2023

Brought to you by Mammoth Mountain, CA

After many days of searching, we finally found the Chair 23 Sunglasses Chihuahua today (Thanks, Michael)!

It was a big day for us.

A day that will never be forgotten…

We also found another object in the rocks under Chair 23 that was pretty hilarious.

We showed up at 7:15am today and were on the 2nd chair on Chair 2.

They opened the lift early at 7:26am and it was already in the 50s.

See the Sunglasses Chihuahua? image: snowbrains
Sunglasses Chihuahua! image: snowbrains

We assumed the snow would already be a bit cooked but we were wrong.

The mountain skied great and the grooming was quality.

We skied 2 laps on Chair 2 then headed up Chair 23 to the top.

Hulk and our shadow. image: snowbrains

The groomer off Chair 23 was superb and we grabbed a few laps there.

There was no one out.

Eventually, we worked into the off-piste off Chair 23 and the skiing was corny and crisp.

Wiggle it. image: snowbrains

We ripped around until I simply got too tired to keep on.

I left at about 10:30am and felt fully sated. 

We’re expecting a big heat wave this weekend with highs in the 70s at the base of the mountain.

Get out there early and have an amazing 4th of July!


image: mammoth, 6/30/23
432% of average snowpack for Mammoth Mountain, CA right now. image: cdec


image: noaa, 6/30/23


Shadow corduroy. image: snowbrains
Yimmers on top. image: snowbrains
Chair 23. image: snowbrains
Chair 2 before opening. image: snowbrains
Racecourse. image: snowbrains
Lichen. image: snowbrains
The Mammoth. image: snowbrains
Chair 23. image: snowbrains
Da Hulk! image: snowbrains
Longest Wiggle on Earth right now? image: snowbrains
Apres ski. image: snowbrains

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