Mammoth Mountain, CA’s, Upper Mountain Just Surpassed 500″ Snowfall This Season

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Mammoth Mountain, CA’s upper mountain just broke 500″ of snowfall for the season.

500″. That’s 42 feet of fresh snow this season. Incredible…

500″. 42-feet. That’s enough to bury a Brachiosaurus. Or two giraffes stood on top of each other. Or eight Danny DeVitos.

Giraffes love popping pillows and Hucking cliffs, don’t you know?! Credit: wonderopolis

Mammoth is the only ski resort on Earth in the 500-club.

They’re sitting at 504″ of snow at the summit already this year, and also have the deepest snowpack in North America.

Mammoth has only reached 500″ of snow once in the last ten years. In 2016/17 they got 617.5″ of snow. The all-time record is 668.5″ set in 2010/11. Could we see them beat that?

Operations this morning will be limited due to high winds and avalanche mitigation.

“High winds are blowing which will affect lift operations and limit the amount of lifts that open up on time this morning. We are seeing peak gusts in the 50-70 MPH range on the mid and upper mountain. Lift Maintenance is out assessing conditions right now. The Village Gondola is currently on a wind hold. Patrol is conducting avalanche mitigation work on the lower mountain.”

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5 thoughts on “Mammoth Mountain, CA’s, Upper Mountain Just Surpassed 500″ Snowfall This Season

  1. The 668 in 2010 2011 was at the main Lodge base measuring stick..
    A lot of resorts will give year-to-date totals at the base and at The summit.
    Give The packed snow amount as it builds up during the season.
    Jackson hole does not measure at their base elevation of 6300 ft they’re measuring steak is at 8200 ft misleading the customer of what’s really at their base…
    Mammoth has over 800 in at their summit in their best year ever

  2. Remember the 504″ is their summit total, not their mid-mountain total. The 668″ in 10/11 is a mid-mountain season total. Currently their mid-mountain total is 381″
    Resorts are supposed to report at the mid-mountain level because it is more representative of mountain-wide conditions. The only other resort I know of that reports from the summit level is Jackson Hole, but they also show mid-mountain snowfall on their snow report.

  3. Their website says 381″ at 0905 01/19/23. They record/report at Mail lodge, McCoy, and Summit. I have to wonder where their social media person gets their information.

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