VIDEO: Watch Markus Eder’s SWITCH Cliff Drop as the FWT Comes to an End at the Verbier Extreme

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Every good thing comes to an end, including this year’s Freeride World Tour, which has been nothing short of amazing, writes tetongravity.

This year’s final stop, the Verbier Extreme on the infamous Bec de Rosses face, went off yesterday with competitors giving it their all.

Snowboarder Sammy Luebke claimed his third consecutive FWT title, saying: “I’m feeling super amazing, conditions are super good and I was able to do the exact same line I wanted!”

Markus eder, vernier, fwt
Just a nosebutter 360 to daffy off a cliff mid-run… Credit: FWT

For anyone unfamiliar, the Bec De Rosses is a 2000-foot mountain face, and comes in at an average of 45 degrees, with sections much, much steeper. It is not a place for mistakes.

Riders with freestyle chops like Markus Eder seem to have a fondness for getting stylish in unorthodox places. Check out his nosebutter 360 to daffy off a cliff mid-run. Madness.

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