Massachusetts Man Arrested for Driving 2 MPH Over Speed Limit Through Small Vermont Town on His Way to Killington Resort, VT

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Late last night, Billy Beaver of Worcester, Mass., was arrested for driving 27 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per-hour zone near Killington, VT. He reportedly was on his way to the resort to go skiing for the weekend.

We conducted an interview with Billy, who recalled his strange encounter with a local police officer. He told SnowBrains, “I was confused as to why I was pulled over, but when I looked in my car’s rearview mirror, all I saw was the officer doing cartwheels and hooting and hollering like it was a powder day. At that point, I was just even more confused.” The officer then reportedly approached Mr. Beaver and promptly arrested him. Billy was given three $1,000 tickets for reckless endangerment and spent the night in a local jail until he was bailed out by a family member this morning. He was reportedly forced to pay $5,000 to retrieve his car from an impound lot.

We also were able to secure an interview with the arresting officer, who is apparently known only as “Johnny.” He told us that “seeing that white license plate is like being a kid in a candy store. This one guy should be all I need to do this week!” He quickly pivoted to discussing the recklessness of Mr. Beaver. “These out-of-state drivers don’t realize how much danger they put everyone in by speeding. It’s next to our elementary school! You can’t drive through there at 27 miles per hour at 11 pm on a Friday. It’s irresponsible and dangerous in a town like this.”

The Town the incident took place reportedly generates over half a million dollars in revenue yearly from speed enforcement. Rather than being asked to pay taxes, local residents are instead paid to live in the town. This, unfortunately, has not helped to fix the town’s decades-long issue of population decline. Even the town’s elementary school was permanently closed in 2013 due to low demand. As one local resident said, “These days, everyone just passes through here on the way to the ski area, nobody stops or even notices this place anymore, outside of when they didn’t see Johnny in time.”

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