MoonSet – Sunrise in Yubeng, China

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Moonset in Tibet.  Yubeng.
Moonset in Tibet. Yubeng.  photo:  miles clark

Yubeng China is a remote village with no roads and no vehicular access.  You’ve gotta walk in about 8 miles or ride a mule.  The top of the ridge in this photo is the border of Tibet.  Tibet is run by China now.

Yubeng is also Tibet despite being just outside the border.  The people are all Tibetan and they all speak Tibetan, not Chinese.  The main difference between being Tibetan & living indide Tibet or outside is this:  Inside Tibetan, you’ll go to jail for life for wearing a photo of the Dali Lama on your person, outside of Tibet, you can.  In many ways, the people of Yubeng have more freedom.

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