[VIDEO] Top 10 Most Expensive Lift Tickets in North America

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A daily lift ticket exceeded $200 at ten ski areas during peak season last year (2021/22), with one resort charging $249. Two hundred and forty-nine bucks! In 2020/21, only the top three exceeded $200. A psychological barrier has been passed.

Skiing isn’t a cheap sport, but it is something we all love to do—and most of the readers on this website aren’t the kind of people who walk up and pay the window price when they want to go skiing. But some people do exactly that. Otherwise, resorts wouldn’t get away with charging those high prices.

But what about this season, 2022/23? Check out the video above for the most expensive tickets this season—aka ten reasons you should get your hands on an Ikon Pass, Epic Pass, or Indy Pass this year.

“Lift ticket prices at North American ski resorts have risen to truly outrageous levels for the 2022-23 season. In this video, we call out the 10 worst offenders. See this video here in written form.”

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2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Top 10 Most Expensive Lift Tickets in North America

  1. Millions of dollars in lifts and machinery, and you can rent it for the low price of $250 a day, not a bad deal.

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