MSP will NOT release a movie Fall 2013 | Two Year Movie in the Making

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msp logo has learned from strong industry sources that Matchstick Productions will not release a ski movie in Fall 2013.

MSP has released a movie every year for the past 14 years.  

There is talk that MSP wants to raise the level of the their movies quality.  In one season, it’s easy to get skunked.  In two seasons, with the ability to travel, and the best pros on Earth, MSP will be able to pull out a movie that will fully enchant us once more.

One of MSPs recent movies
2011 MSP film

Two year projects are gaining momentum and the quality is tough to deny.

Sherpa Cinemas’ “All. I. Can.” had critics raving and their next two year project “Into The Mind” has all they hype behind it that you could possibly muster.

MSP won’t be completely missed as “The McConkey Movie” will be coming out in Fall 2013 and despite being a Red Bull Media House production, it’s going to be made up of mostly MSP footage.

In deep MSP

Some of MSP’s recent films have been criticized for a formulaic pattern that had been seen before.  This two year project will give MSP to put together something new and inspiring.  Something that will gain our praise once more.

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6 thoughts on “MSP will NOT release a movie Fall 2013 | Two Year Movie in the Making

  1. I overall am not completely disapointed especially that they picked Sherpa’s off year, but I hope that this is not an excuse because they did not have enough to film this year. If Meathead could pull off a sick film on the East Coast after that shitty season (11-12), than MSP should be able to do anything.

  2. I do think they need to change some things, but this is not the way. Their older movies were so successful because they were strait up, down home ski porn. over the past few years they kind of seemed to start to have more of a warren miller vibe, which has been very disappointing. The two year movie thing has been really cool, and definitely has its place in the ski industry, but there is also a place for the classic ski movie, and MSP has been the best at this. I’m sure they will be able to bring themselves back to their former glory without changing who they are as a company, and this is probably just a rumor anyway, because i haven’t heard anything about this anywhere else.

  3. That trailer just made me feel funny inside, like when I use to climb the rope in gym class.

  4. this is a good thing. it’s been a while since I’ve been stoked on an MSP film. They’ve hum drum that past 3 years for sure

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