Mummified Bodies Found in Rocky Mountains Identified as Sisters & Boy Trying to Live ‘Off the Grid’

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Gunnison National Forest | Credit: NOAA

The decomposed and partially mummified bodies found two weeks ago by a hiker at a remote campsite in Colorado have been identified as two sisters and a 14 year old boy, the son of one of the sisters. The 14-year-old remains unnamed as he is a minor, but the sisters were identified as Christine Vance, 41, and Rebecca Vance, 42.

All three of the deceased hailed from Colorado Springs and allegedly had decided last July 2022 to go and live off the grid. The bodies showed signs of malnourishment, with two found inside the tent and one outside.

An official cause of death was not determined, but the Gunnison County coroner, Michael Barnes, thinks that the group may have succumbed to starvation, freezing temperatures or carbon monoxide poisoning from trying to make fire to stay warm. The coroner was able to obtain blood samples from the bodies and hopes that toxicology testing might give some more answers. Barnes believes that they died sometime over the winter. Family members told the Gunnison County coroner, that the trio had intended to live ‘off the grid’, having become disillusioned with live.

On Sunday, July 9, a hiker reportedly came across a heavily decomposed body near the Gold Creek Campground 27 miles northeast of Gunnison, and two more bodies were located by members of The Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office the following day.

Gunnison National Forest. | Picture: USDA Forest Service Website

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