VIDEO: Must Be Nice – Teaser is Just Enough to Get Us Stoked For Winter

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The winter of 2021 was tough for John Spriggs, Edward Clem, and their crew. From the loss of a close friend in an avalanche to the Coronavirus pandemic to one of the worst snow years in the Rockies in a generation, at times it seemed like filming a ski movie just wasn’t meant to happen.

Must Be Nice‘ is a chronicle of this season, with all the highs, and some of the many lows.

The full movie drops on December 1!

Also starring: Taylor Seaton, McRae Williams, Ben Moxham, Corey Seamann, Jake Hopfinger, Jackson Blackburn, Eric Gefell.

A film by: Edward Clem.

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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Must Be Nice – Teaser is Just Enough to Get Us Stoked For Winter

  1. So the lesson I’m learning here is:

    It is always someone elses fault

    You have a seat at the table but the people with more money get to decide your fate

    Snowmobilers who get caught doing bad things aren’t at fault it is the people who share their story who are bad

    work hard and raise money but it doesn’t matter because environmentalists have more financial backers so you will lose anyway

    From this you decide that I have the loser mentality? LOL

    When are the hardcore snowmobilers going to stop playing the victim card? Push the manufacturers to make quiet and clean burning snowmobiles (electric is going to be amazing!). Take care of the areas you do have instead of treating them like it is someone else’s area to clean up. Embrace the “message” that the environment is to be enjoyed responsibly, most of the other action sports have. Work with snowbikers to get their noise levels down, they are the worst offenders. Most of all just be nice to those rich environmental snobs in the parking lots. They just don’t want to hear or smell you. Save the excessive braaps for when you are a few miles away.

    Action sports like snowmobilers needs to change their image. You gained hybrid users but you treat them like environmentalists in disguise. Folks like Jon at Backcountry United are working to change the image and bridge the gap between backcountry skiers and snowmobilers. Travis Rice is showing snowmobiles as a fun tool for accessing big mountains. Are brands like Skidoo and Polaris (Artic Cat LOL) making sure those folks are brand ambassadors? Doesn’t seem like it. Instead they are sticking to the image of country boys and girls who farm or do construction all summer and travel the world all winter. Haha isn’t Jethro funny when he visits South America?! That isn’t going to be enough to keep snowmobiling sustainable. Look at sales continue to slide downhill. The image of action sports is moving to diversity. Ewww I know you hate that word. Too bad. Just like in another post…the world is changing…either get with modern times or face your demise. Sorry that “traditions” don’t stick around forever in the mainstream. At some point your favorite hobby is not going to be considered cool anymore. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You just have to find your little spot to do it without being bothered. I found my spot to snowmobile for the rest of my life. You might want to do the same.

  2. Enviros not snowmobilers shut down snowmobile terrain. I’ve helped start and contribute heavily to pro-snowmobile groups. I’ve helped raise $100k+ for the cause. I’ve sat with Senator’s, lobbyists, forest service officials to discuss the issues.

    I’m way deeper into this fight then you are. And I’m here to tell you, you are misinformed.

    Even republican Senators use wilderness areas and non-motorized shut downs as bargaining chips to gain favor or avoid pissing off the environmental lobby which is way bigger and has more funding than the pro-motor lobby.

    That’s what it boils down to big down, money. Like many things in American politics, its all about the golden rule. Those with the gold make the rules.

    Don’t be ignorant and say snowmobilers shut down snowmobile terrain. A couple Karen-Nancy’s take photos of a couple bad actors and use that as propaganda against the rest of us. I don’t what slang the kids say these days but I guess from one pro-snowmobiler to the next, that is a loser mentality.

    Work harder, raise more money, make better friends with the decision makers, fight the ridiculous statements the Karen-Nancy’s make.

  3. Sounds like I struck a nerve. Good. The truth hurts that while you blame environmentalists your own user group is going to damage the efforts of folks that are lobbying for snowmobiling. Those “pip squeaks” like us need all the help we can get and we can barely get funding or volunteers because folks like you make excuses that it is too hard to fight big government and corporate greenwashing. Its all about blaming the activists and the media. Same old sad story.

  4. Colin the clown.

    As a deep rooted pro Snowmobiler you’re incredibly misinformed.

    You’re out of the loop on who’s shutting down your riding areas. It’s a large orchestra of Karen’s, grass roots tree huggers, corporate do gooders, and long time deep pocketed enviros working together. It’s a cottage industry of fundraisers, lobbyist and their attorneys pressuring and suing the forest service to change the world into how they would like to see it. They are more well funded and more powerful than the pip squeak snowmobile lobby.

    It’s all money and politics. You’re just too small of a fry to understand how our government really works.

  5. LOL. ok bud. As a snowmobiler I can tell you that snowmobilers themselves are more likely to get motorized terrain closed down than some corporate entities that are lobbying the government for map changes. Ask any snowbiker if they care about the noise they make. Ask any snowmobiler if they ever poach wilderness areas and say they didn’t know where the line was. Your own worst enemy is right there in that overcrowded parking lot. Take the time to teach people proper ethics. Otherwise just bitch about big government and the enviro’s with the kooks over on Snowest. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  6. Too bad Patagonia, Sierra Club and other enviro’s are on a never ending pursuit to close down Sled Access terrain and kick guys like this out of the mountains.

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