VIDEO – My Ikon: My Connection | 3 Skiers Taught by Their Native Elders to Always Show Respect for the Land

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Connor Ryan, Húŋkpapȟa Lakȟóta & professional skier, and Lonnie Kauk, Ahwahneechee climber & snowboarder, were taught by their Native elders to always show respect for the land, and now they use their roots to better understand and connect to the majestic mountains on which they live, ski, and snowboard.

“I want to reach skiers and snowboarders and show them how Native people have always been a part of the stories of the mountains and how we will continue to be in the future, through demonstrating my personal relationship to my home mountains. I’d like the ski community to see themselves as a part of a longer and deeper story with the land.” – Connor Ryan

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