NASA Technology Meets Bode Miller Style: Introducing Revo Black

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Bode Miller, Revo Black
Bode Miller repping the Freestyle glasses. PC: Revo

Revo has announced the launch of Revo Black, a new design concept in collaboration with Bode Miller. The collection features three distinct concepts, including one designed in conjunction with the famed alpine ski racer. These glasses were designed with skiing in mind to protect the skier’s eyes without obstructing the stunning view that often accompanies skiing.

Revo revolutionized eye protection in 1985 when optical engineer, Dr. Mitch Ruda, applied the coating NASA uses to protect satellite portholes in space from harmful radiation on a pair of glasses. Revo lenses protect from 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light. This technology is applicable in the snow sports arena because snow can reflect up to 90% of UV radiation from the sun. Therefore, your eyes are getting almost twice the amount of radiation when skiing. Increased UV ray exposure is nothing to be taken lightly as it can cause macular degeneration, cataracts, and tissue elevations on the surface of your eye, according to In other words, if you want to ski long-term, limit UV exposure.

The brand is continuing to innovate with Revo Black. The three design concepts for this collection are carbon fiber, featherweight construction, and solderless titanium. Bode Miller, who joined Revo last winter as their first-ever global winter brand ambassador, has helped develop the carbon fiber concept for his two frames, Alpine and Freestyle. These two frames offer the same photochromic protection debuted in the goggles that Bode helped design and a carbon fiber frame that is lightweight, ultra-resilient, and comfortable.

From left to right: Freestyle with Evergreen Photochromic lenses, Alpine with Graphite lenses, and Alpine with Blue Water Photochromic lenses. PC: Revo

“Revo Black is the most technically advanced collection of Revo sunglasses yet. What makes this collection stand out is the fact that it’s an innovation of both Revo’s lens technology and our frame technology,” CEO of Revo Cliff Robinson said. “We’re working with the best materials available and doing so with passion. We think Revo Black really showcases the next generation of Revo.”

The photochromic lens essentially darkens when exposed to UV radiation and then will lighten when there is less exposure. This is huge when skiing from high alpine terrain with a ton of UV exposure into wooded areas where it is much less exposed. The same principle applies in low-light conditions to bluebird days. The photochromic lens comes in two color options: Blue Water and Evergreen. Both photochromic lenses are available in the Alpine and Freestyle, as well as the third option of non-photochromic graphite lenses.

Alpine by Bode Miller features a modern navigator style with ultra-resilient carbon fiber temples and bridge detail. Between the impact-resistant photochromic lenses and the weightlessness of carbon fiber, you’ll forget you are even wearing glasses while on the hill.

Revo Black, Alpine
Alpine with Evergreen Photochromic lenses. PC: Revo

Freestyle by Bode Miller has the same ultra-resilient carbon fiber temples and bridge detail but with a more sporty wrap navigator style. These ultralightweight glasses, along with the same photochromic lenses, will keep you sliding on the mountain from dawn till dusk.

Optical health is paramount for most skiers, and Alpine and Freestyle by Bode Miller in the Revo Black collection aims to keep your eyes in peak form. Show your eyes some love and check out the new collection.

Freestyle, Revo Black,
Freestyle with Evergreen Photochromic lenses. PC: Revo


Bode Miller
Freestyle with Blue Water Photochromic lenses. PC: Revo

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