Bode Miller’s Favorite Places in the World to Ski

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Credit: Killington

Brought to you by Sun Valley Resort, North America’s original destination ski resort and home to 380 acres of brand new inbounds terrain for the 2021 season.

Bode Miller is the winningest American male ski racer of all time and is a general all-around mountain badass. He has been almost everywhere and done almost everything in the mountains, including getting caught in gnarly avalanches, throwing misty 720s and double front flips and losing over fifty friends and acquaintances in the mountains.

Having skied all over the world, he is now settled with his family in Big Sky, MT. When he was asked recently on the SnowBrains podcast to name his favorite place to ski and favorite mountain range, these were his answers:

Favorite place to ski – The East Coast

I love the old chairlifts, the harder snow; it’s more dense, you can do different things on that snow.

Old chairlifts and hard snow – the best the east has to offer! Credit: Killington

Favorite mountain ranges – the Bugaboos or Alaska

“Places that are kinda more remote where you just have these pristine untouched faces and deep powder…”

Pristine, untouched faces and deep powder… PC Alaska

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