New Everest Regulations to BAN Inexperienced Climbers

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Napalese officials plan to introduce new new regulations that will ban inexperienced climbers from attempting 29,028-foot Mount Everest. They hope to have these regulation in place for the 2016 Spring climbing season.  Overcrowding has become an issue on the mountain, with around 600 people coming to attempt the summit every year.

“We cannot let everyone go on Everest and die. If they are not physically and mentally fit it will be like a legal suicide.”

“The disabled or visually impaired people usually need someone to carry them, which is not an adventure. Only those who can go on their own will be given permission.” – Kripasur Sherpa, Nepal’s tourism minister

Everest climbers form a long snaking line up the mountain as they strive to reach the summitEverest climbers form a long snaking line up the mountain as they strive to reach the summit
Everest climbers form a long snaking line up the mountain as they strive to reach the summit

In May of 2012 & 2013, there were 150-300 climbers within the last 3,000 feet of the summit- on the same day, causing traffic jams on critical portions of the mountain.  These backups on summit day have caused many injures and deaths.  It’s not good for you to sit around doing nothing in the ‘death zone’ above 26,000-feet...

“Allowing a large number of climbers in a season poses high risks to the mountain environment and the climbers as well” – Junko Tabei, the first woman to summit Everest in 1975

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Climbers that are under 18, over 75, or disabled may no longer be allowed on the mountain. Those with little experience that are totally dependent on a guide will also not be allowed. This will increase safety, decrease traffic, and maintain the glory that is Mount Everest.

Every year, about 600 climbers attempt to climb Mt. Everest.  Blind people, people without legs, a 13-year-old, and an 80-year-old have all summited Everest.  Over 4,000 people have attempted Everest with about 2,000 successfully summiting.  Over 250 people have died attempting Everest.  About 1 in 10 Everest summiteers perishes.  There are over 120 bodies of dead climbers on the mountain.

Insanity on summit day on Everest
Insanity on summit day on Everest

In the past, only the best mountaineering in the world attempted to climb 29,028-foot Mt. Everest.  Nowadays, people with zero mountaineering experience pay the $65,000 and get drug by Sherpas and guides to the summit and back.  People are summiting Everest who have never even used an ice axe nor crampons in their lives.

Over the years, more and more accidents are being recorded on Everest.  A lot of these accidents can be attributed to climbers with little to no experience getting injured and killed.

Nepali official hope that the new regulations banning inexperienced climbers will lower the amount of death and injury on Mt. Everest.

Everest conga line.
Everest conga line.

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  1. How foolish could poeple be to even want to attempt the climb . Its more of a shame the Serpa’s are not even considered.

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